This is the part where I introduce myself. Okay.

I’m a 27 year old woman. A linguist. About to get my MA in translation. Single. And currently staring off into space while trying to describe myself. So, as the saying goes – I’m not a woman of many words.

And now for something completely different: 

I wouldn’t say I’m very knowledgeable when it comes to art, I just know what I like. The following painting is called Miranda, a character in William Shakespeare’s play,  The Tempest.  Unfortunately, or maybe not so unfortunately, I’m not a big Shakespeare fan, so the painting is devoid of the so called intended meaning. But when I feel lonely, or when I feel nothing but turmoil, I look at it and  it has a kind of calming effect on me.

Huzzah! first post done. was longer then I intended it to be.

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