So I came across another graffiti, similar to the one I mentioned in one of my other posts. It’s the same color, is it enough to assume it’s by the same person?

It reminds me of the statue of liberty and lady justice. I don’t know how the moon fits in this. It’s nice though, in my opinion. But that’s not what this post is about.

I like being active – Until recently I did pole dancing. It’s a lot of fun, very physical and it made me feel sexy. Trouble is, it’s not that popular here – American trends tend to take a while to get here – so there aren’t many places that teach it, and so it’s quite expensive. I have to find an alternative. I thought about buying an elliptical trainer or an exercise bike – it’s cheaper than going to the gym in the long run.

I also want to learn French. I’ve tried in the past on my own, but it didn’t stick, so I am hoping a class would make the difference.

So, these luxuries are expensive, it means I’ll have to cut back on some things… I froze my World of Warcraft account, I hardly watch TV, so cable is out (I stream or download), can I eliminate food completely?

I’m really bad when it comes to those things, I feel like a child.

How do you budget your money? And where is that filthy rich man of mine?

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