Thursday night out

This post won’t be all that interesting. A bit boring even. But in case you are interested, the post is about how I didn’t meet a guy yesterday night.

Now that I’m way single and have no options on the horizon, I’ve been trying to go out more. More, meaning once a week. Going out, meaning going to a place with the purpose of meeting a guy. Because usually, I go out and have a beer with a friend for the purpose of conversation, not to see and to be seen. In Israel, we start our weekend on Thursdays and go back to work on Sundays. So now that we got that all figured out, let me tell you about my Thursday night.

My friend and I wanted to go to a well-known dance bar. We got there at 10:30 pm. It wasn’t open yet. Okay, so there was a bar right next to it, we went in there. We were the only ones there. Am I weird to think 10:30 pm is an acceptable time to be out and about? Probably. We sat there, at 11:00 the place was beginning to pick up.

You see that? It didn’t happen.

We didn’t like the crowd. When you go out in Tel-aviv, you’ll see hipsters. Truckloads of them. Being all ironic, ’cause that’s what they do. At about 11:00 pm we headed towards the dance bar, where the hostess asked us “you know today there’s a circuit party, right?” Righhhht, even though we would have had fun, we wouldn’t have found a man, maybe a woman, but for the most part, I don’t swing that way.

So we went to a different bar. Loud music, people smoking, the bartenders were throwing napkins in the air. Maybe they didn’t have confetti. There was a cute a guy, curly hair (love it), he was chain-smoking (hate it) and dancing, probably 3 years younger than me. The age difference doesn’t bother me, not if it’s a rebound. Curly was busy high-fiving his guy friends and dancing with them all through the evening. Strange. I didn’t make a move. Surprising.

We ended the evening eating a hot dog. Probably better than going home with that guy.

Yes, I think I’m on the right path – broken heart will be mended, even though I can’t seem to meet a guy. I think all that beer is doing it.

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