Life goes on

Wow, it’s been a while.

Before I start. I try to keep politics out of this blog, and just discuss what’s going on from my point of view.

It looks like we’re at war. Again. Gaza (to be more specific, Hamas) firing rockets at the south of Israel – unfortunately, nothing new there. I live in Jerusalem, and visit my parents in Tel-aviv (where I’m originally from) most weekends. I was going to see a friend when all of a sudden an alarm sounds. In Tel-aviv. I can’t begin to describe how unfathomable this is. It’s a sort of bubble, and it’s burst.

Anyways, I was near a coffee shop, ran inside and went down one floor to where the bathrooms are. It’s so surreal. 10 minutes later, we all go back up. I go to see my friend and we watch a live show. Coffee shops are packed and the streets are full. You’d never know anything’s wrong.

When I think about war, I think along the lines of burning buildings, planes veering in the sky and bodies littering the streets. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies and it’s nothing like it.

Am I worried? I can’t say I’m not, because that would mean I’m disconnected from reality. But for the most part, I don’t see any point in worrying. I guess I can say that because I’m not in the reserve forces, many girls aren’t. Come to think of it, even if I was, I wouldn’t be of any good – I was in the navy. The air force is busier right now.

So in the meantime, life goes on.

And I love this song. and Nick Cave. and these lines:

Out of sorrow entire worlds have been built
Out of longing great wonders have been willed
They’re only little tears, darling, let them spill
And lay your head upon my shoulder
Outside my window the world has gone to war
Are you the one that I’ve been waiting for?

NIck Cave & The Bad Seeds, Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?

Update: Apparently an alarm has gone off in Jerusalem as well – a first. So I guess it doesn’t matter where I go :P

7 thoughts on “Life goes on

  1. While I’ve never been in that kind of situation, I can imagine your concerns. That would be completely surreal for me. But, I do believe we should live our lives with no fears. As an aside: as I am reading your post, I’m listening to From Here To Eternity, Well of Missery, and I got super excited that you posted Cave lyrics. I’m smiling like a fool ; )

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