Making the best…

No truce yet. According to the news, Hamas says “maybe tomorrow”.

Via George Takei’s Facebook fan page. He’s the best :)

There was a siren in Jerusalem today. I was at work. The safe room/shelter was locked and full of crap. Love my job. And What the hell are they doing aiming rockets at Jerusalem? Isn’t it supposed to be holy? What about the Al-Akse mosque? Can you imagine what will happen if they actually hit it? They probably wanted to impress Ban Ki-moon.

I mentioned Tel-Aviv is a bubble. The sirens and the rockets are a sort of novelty. It’s not part of our everyday life, opposed to the people living in the south of Israel. I’m getting to the point now –  some people made a video called “Shit Tel-Avivians say while there’s a siren”. I think it’s funny, I don’t know how non Israelis will react to it. But the meaning behind the making of the video was to try lighten the mood. Nobody wants war.

It’s in Hebrew, but there are English subtitles. Turn on the captions!

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